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Coaching for today’s world


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As a coach, my work is to amplify the {{brilliance}} already existing within > individuals, teams, and businesses <

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My practice integrates positive psychology, life coaching and career coaching: blending strategic frameworks from the business world with leading psychological research to help people flourish.



To build
To be constructive
To focus on qualities rather than their absence

Focus on your strengths. Focus on the strengths of others. Use them to paint a vivid image of the future and overcome whatever gets in the way.


We push our thinking beyond neutral into the positive. When we focus on fixing what’s broken, we’ll only come up with a strategy to survive.

The goal is to get more of what you want in life, not less of what you don’t want.

     on what’s » ahead »

Whether you’re taking a traditional path or going off the beaten path - together we’ll continue to ask the right questions leading to the right goals, within a framework designed to evolve as you grow.

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